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Yolanda Blouse

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100% COTTON / 100% BUMBAC

Jellyfish On Pluto is the 5th collection of the young designer Corina Boboc. She campaigns through this

collection for the use of natural fabrics (cotton, silk, silk organza), refusing to work with materials from

plastic. The collection includes three types of prints, all going in the same way. These are made by

Corina Boboc's team, which has been inspired by the underwater life, in the form of jellyfish . Every

drawing represents a world, a universe of the creator who wants to inspire fantasy, femininity, lightness.

The designer has created patterns to highlight beauty through simplicity, with discrete accents for

highlighting the waist and wrists. Jellyfish on Pluto is a personal project, a testimony of the designer's

experience in the field since graduation and to date, it has no social class and no need to correspond.

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